Banks lead global sales for SAS® Visual Analytics in 2013

Raiffeisen Bank Romania is latest customer to gain insight from powerful data visualization and BI software

Spreadsheets are to banks as hammers are to carpenters. But a number of banks are upgrading to a far more visual tool for looking at their data and how changing market conditions will affect them to gain a fast, thorough understanding of portfolio risk. Banks accounted for 17 percent of more than 1,400 SAS® Visual Analytics licenses sold in 2013 – more than any other industry.

Among recent customers was Romania’s most profitable bank. Raiffeisen Bank Romania wanted to make better risk decisions.

“SAS Visual Analytics immediately stood out as an easy-to-use choice,” said Beatrice Manole, Credit Portfolio Analysis Department Manager at Raiffeisen Bank Romania. “The software’s real-time risk visualization lets us update our risk reporting in a way that our executives can quickly understand.”

Financial institutions of all sizes struggle to understand intricate relationships within portfolios and across holding companies and to effectively manage associated risks. Analyzing data with SAS will help Raiffeisen Bank generate up-to-the-minute risk intelligence for informed, timely decisions. SAS Visual Analytics delivers lightning-fast insights without the complexity.

“SAS Visual Analytics experienced strong growth in its first full year, especially in banking and capital markets,” said David M. Wallace, Global Financial Services Marketing Manager at SAS. “Particularly with big data environments, bankers rely on SAS analytics for such challenges as managing risk and compliance, enhancing customer experience, and thwarting fraud and financial crimes. They trust SAS to help grow revenues while improving the cost-to-income ratio.”

By providing instant access via PC or tablet to the latest data, SAS Visual Analytics helps customers make quicker, better decisions. Less time processing data means more time to create value from it.

Rapid sales growth in 2013 means customers in banking and many other industries recognize the value of SAS’ merger of several powerful technologies in a single product. SAS Visual Analytics combines:

  • Powerful in-memory processing of analytics.
  • Self-service data discovery, exploration and visualization.
  • The industry’s most popular and trusted analytics.
  • Reporting, dashboards and mobile business intelligence.
  • A wide range of deployment options, including hosting by SAS Solutions OnDemand.

Among the many banking and capital market organizations who have licensed SAS Visual Analytics are Cosmos Bank, Local Government Federal Credit Union and Union Bank.

See how SAS Visual Analytics helps banks understand changing market conditions and portfolio risk across holding companies, subsidiaries and lines of business with this online demo. To fully experience the power of SAS Visual Analytics, try this interactive demo

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