SAS a Leader in 2013 Integrated Marketing Management: Gartner Magic Quadrant  

Once again, SAS is a Leader in Gartner Inc.'s annual Magic Quadrant for Integrated Marketing Management.1 SAS earned its place in the Leaders quadrant for its ability to execute and completeness of vision.

In a recent SAS study, 60 percent of the 1,260 consumers surveyed expect businesses to know what they want and need. Integrating four top-selling customer intelligence products – SAS® Marketing Automation, SAS Marketing Optimization, SAS Real-Time Decision Manager and SAS Digital Marketing – into one solution, SAS Customer Intelligence helps modern marketers manage customer relationships effectively across all channels, create meaningful customer interactions for positive experiences, and make optimal decisions based on big data.

According to Gartner, "Leaders in the IMM market have clients that have adopted their solutions as the primary vendors and platform to support most marketing roles and functions. These vendors deliver breadth and depth of integrated marketing functionality. Leaders successfully articulate business propositions that resonate with marketing buyers, particularly CMOs and marketing executives. Emphasis is placed on MPM and process integration across marketing."

"SAS' placement in the Leader's quadrant validates yet again the value we bring to our customers," said Wilson Raj, Global Customer Intelligence Director for SAS. "SAS' vision is to provide an easy way for marketers to make the best decision for every customer interaction, to help them provide highly desired and differentiated customer experiences – a necessity for today's digitally empowered customer."

SAS, also recognized by Gartner as a leader in CRM multichannel campaign management 2 and marketing resource management 3, has the most comprehensive suite of integrated enterprise marketing solutions available on the market today. SAS' comprehensive integrated marketing management platform also includes SAS Adaptive Customer Experience, SAS Marketing Operations Management and SAS Intelligent Advertising for Publishers.

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A propos de SAS

SAS, leader mondial des solutions de business analytics, est le plus important éditeur indépendant du marché du décisionnel. Ses solutions innovantes aident ses clients -sur plus de 75 000 sites dans le monde- à améliorer leurs performances et à produire de la valeur en prenant rapidement les meilleures décisions.

SAS est implanté sur le marché de l’Afrique francophone depuis plus de 10 ans. La filiale Marocaine constitue pour SAS un Hub régional en support à l’ensemble des pays de l’Afrique francophone. Les organismes et entreprises des pays francophones du Maghreb, de l'Afrique de l'Ouest et de l'Afrique Centrale bénéficient d'un support commercial dédié les aidant à évaluer et réaliser leurs projets.

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