Bank of North Carolina expands data access with SAS to be a "better banker"

SAS® Analytics is reporting standard for bank

From bank staffers seeking weekly and monthly reports to financial analysts demanding last-minute analyses, Bank of North Carolina found it challenging to forecast and trend data from these wide-ranging reporting requests. To better aggregate data for portfolio reporting and create more comprehensive reporting across different business lines and personnel, Bank of North Carolina chose analytics from SAS.

"SAS understands the data and reporting issues faced by small businesses today. They speak our language," said Michael Bryan, Chief Information Officer at Bank of North Carolina. "Equally important, our SAS representative listened to our issues and brought in the right SAS® resources to address each business reporting issue. Of the three data/reporting solutions we reviewed extensively, SAS was the only vendor who listened to us and responded."

The initial implementation provides dashboards to all of the bank's commercial lending personnel. Reports include risk metrics of past-due loans, charge-off loans, and critical loan exceptions. These put vital measurements of production and risk exposures at lenders' fingertips.

"The response has been incredible," said Bryan. "Each day our lenders view up-to-date loan and deposit production along with each customer's profitability. This data is validated for quality each morning under strict quality measurements. SAS will be the enterprise reporting standard going forward for Bank of North Carolina, and we're exploring both SAS Financial Management and SAS risk offerings."

Another planned project is building models for the bank's merger-and-acquisition business. "We will load potential acquisition data to model what is important to us," said Bryan. "This will help us quickly learn how a target bank may perform using our models for reporting. By providing data access we couldn't fully achieve before, we believe SAS Analytics will make us all better bankers. It makes an incredible difference to our bank, since very few community banks have this access."

Read the whitepaper "Banks, Big Data and High-Performance Analytics" to learn what banks stand to gain from analytics and big data.

About Bank of North Carolina

Headquartered in High Point, NC, BNC Bancorp is the parent company of Bank of North Carolina, a commercial bank with $2.93 billion in assets. Bank of North Carolina provides a complete line of banking and financial services to individuals and businesses through its 32 banking offices in North and South Carolina. The Bank's seven locations in South Carolina operate as BNC Bank. Bank of North Carolina is insured by the FDIC and is an equal housing lender. BNC Bancorp's stock is traded and quoted in the NASDAQ Capital Market under the symbol "BNCN."

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