ContactLab taps SAS® Visual Analytics for data discovery, exploration

Digital direct marketer uses data visualization to deliver campaign results, flexible and accessible reporting

ContactLab has chosen SAS® Visual Analytics to make more strategic use of marketing data and to optimize campaign performance and reporting. With offices throughout Europe, the Italian multinational company specializes in digital direct marketing and comprehensive consulting services.

SAS Visual Analytics' advanced data visualization provides ContactLab with enhanced data discovery and exploration, alongside flexible and accessible business reporting. The implementation is part of a business intelligence initiative to provide its clients with more detailed analytics and forecasting relating to digital marketing performance and effectiveness.

"SAS Visual Analytics helps us uncover hidden trends and relationships without becoming overwhelmed by the amount of data we have to work with," said Massimo Fubini, founder and CEO of ContactLab. "Our clients rely on us to reach targeted consumer segments in direct and relevant ways. SAS helps us to do this successfully."

The company uses SAS Visual Analytics to calculate key performance indicators (KPIs) based on customer frequency, evaluation of marketing campaigns, analysis and monitoring of user profiles and analyzing purchasing behaviors with millions of e-mails.

ContactLab found SAS Visual Analytics' combination of data visualization and analytical power to be the solution's distinguishing characteristic. The ability to build a simple visual environment, with almost instantaneous response times, enables the company to quickly calculate ROI, obtain feedback from campaigns, and understand relationships between client behaviors and sales.

"Today, we need to detect consumer preferences based on behaviors, and to track the evolution of expectations and requirements at specific times in the customer life cycle. By developing maps of real-world behavior patterns, it becomes possible to send messages that actually interest the recipients and offer services that meet their needs," explained Fubini.

Moving forward, ContactLab plans to use SAS Visual Analytics to integrate structured and fixed data types. The resulting data stream will include information from e-commerce, ERP solutions, mobile devices and more. "The flexibility of the SAS software will enable ContactLab to stay ahead of these market trends and accelerate its time to market," Fubini said.

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A propos de SAS

SAS, leader mondial des solutions de business analytics, est le plus important éditeur indépendant du marché du décisionnel. Ses solutions innovantes aident ses clients -sur plus de 75 000 sites dans le monde- à améliorer leurs performances et à produire de la valeur en prenant rapidement les meilleures décisions.

SAS est implanté sur le marché de l’Afrique francophone depuis plus de 10 ans. La filiale Marocaine constitue pour SAS un Hub régional en support à l’ensemble des pays de l’Afrique francophone. Les organismes et entreprises des pays francophones du Maghreb, de l'Afrique de l'Ouest et de l'Afrique Centrale bénéficient d'un support commercial dédié les aidant à évaluer et réaliser leurs projets.

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