Bermuda Police Service adds SAS® Enterprise solution for custody, intelligence, crime and case management

Nationwide deployment builds upon existing Memex intelligence platform, gives 500 BPS officers access to end-to-end police system

The Bermuda Police Service (BPS) will deploy a new SAS® Enterprise Law Enforcement solution for custody, intelligence, crime, and case management. 

The Bermuda Police Service has long used the Memex intelligence platform for its Intelligence Unit. The BPS recently rebuilt its Custody facilities and environment as it furthers its PACE (Police and Criminal Evidence Act) compliance. BPS explored an enterprise solution for its entire booking and case management process, and selected SAS' Memex product line. BPS officials had a chance to observe a similar system being deployed at the Surrey (UK) Police Force before its decision. 

Coupled with the fusion center expertise and intelligence management lineage of Memex, SAS, through this solution, offers a meaningful opportunity for crime prevention and threat disruption through accurate, timely information and valuable foresight. Regardless of data sources, the solution allows for a solid operational and analytic foundation to enhance community and officer safety, and quality of life for the citizenry.

"Our ability to grow and expand with SAS was a key factor in our decision to bring in additional SAS state-of-the-art technology to our policing model," said BPS Commissioner Michael A. DeSilva. "As a result, our entire police service will now have access to the SAS Enterprise system to tackle violence, gang-related activity and other crimes. They will have one global view of people in custody and the critical information they need to best perform their jobs."

The SAS Enterprise Law Enforcement solution enables BPS to interface with national resources and systems for fingerprint identification, street addresses, geo-spatial mapping, and properties through the entire due process lifecycle from capture to disposal of information. 

"SAS' latest work for the Bermuda Police Service is truly global in nature, as it encompasses SAS personnel and resources from locations in the Americas and the United Kingdom," said Neil Schlisserman, a Vice President at SAS. "PACE legislation provides strict guidelines for the management of detainees, including their primary rights and the code of practice to be followed while they are in custody. We're marrying process and accountability with this enterprise solution to protect people so they receive fair treatment under the law. The SAS solution provides a single portal and point of entry for BPS to conduct its work." 

The SAS system enables BPS officials to review a person's entire file – from custody, intelligence and criminal records – through a single-source portal and to link the information to discern patterns and connections. It manages the data in a case file that streamlines information for the entire legal process.

SAS improves workflow and visibility into disparate data by providing a structured, single interface, which improves efficiencies and results from all available resources. Its Memex platform simplifies analyst training, expedites discoveries and easily moves data into reports.

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