MLS delivers SAS® Analytics to clubs in customer-centric marketing run 

Major League Soccer aligns with SAS® for sports, achieves single view of MLS fan base 

Major League Soccer (MLS), the top-flight pro soccer league in the US and Canada, called up SAS® Analytics software from the leader in business analytics to improve the fan experience and boost team loyalty. MLS will use SAS for fan acquisition and supporting MLS' other plans for fan base growth.

The first pro sports league to tap its club fan data, MLS will use SAS to collect and analyze fan data from all 19 of its clubs. First, they will integrate data from club-level ticketing, league-level merchandise and digital subscriptions. Then, they will use predictive analytics and data mining to better understand what fans want. With these insights, MLS plans to deliver additional fan services and increase ticketing and merchandizing opportunities for clubs. Fans will appreciate receiving new offers that are keyed especially to their interests.

"Avid soccer fans are the lifeblood of MLS, and SAS Analytics will help us secure a direct path to our most loyal and valuable supporters, which in turn makes our clubs stronger," said Major League Soccer Acting Chief Marketing Officer Howard Handler. "SAS will allow us to learn more about those ardent supporters so we can, ultimately, improve marketing communications."

SAS delivers an easy-to-use solution for planning, testing and executing campaigns, as well as portal capabilities, customizable dashboards and advanced reporting. With SAS, clubs and leagues can effectively evaluate and execute strategies to increase sales of individual tickets, season tickets, renewals and more. SAS Alliance member Destiny Corporation is helping MLS implement SAS. Having worked with other sports entities, Destiny understood the league's data structures and could quickly implement SAS, speeding ROI.

"SAS provides the analytics and industry expertise MLS needs to enhance its brand," said Andrew McNeilly, Director of SAS for sports. "With SAS, club marketers can interact with fans and sponsors from a position of knowledge. Basing offers on analytic insights gives these teams the edge they need to gain new fans and keep current fans coming back."

This news was announced during the world's largest analytics education conference, Analytics 2012, held in Cologne, Germany, June 14-15. The conference showcases real-world case studies and the latest trends and methodologies in data mining, text mining, forecasting, optimization, statistical analysis and data visualization.

A propos de SAS

SAS, leader mondial des solutions de business analytics, est le plus important éditeur indépendant du marché du décisionnel. Ses solutions innovantes aident ses clients -sur plus de 75 000 sites dans le monde- à améliorer leurs performances et à produire de la valeur en prenant rapidement les meilleures décisions.

SAS est implanté sur le marché de l’Afrique francophone depuis plus de 10 ans. La filiale Marocaine constitue pour SAS un Hub régional en support à l’ensemble des pays de l’Afrique francophone. Les organismes et entreprises des pays francophones du Maghreb, de l'Afrique de l'Ouest et de l'Afrique Centrale bénéficient d'un support commercial dédié les aidant à évaluer et réaliser leurs projets.

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