Hardlines & DIY

How Hardline & DIY Retailers Use SAS®

Reduce inventory and increase sales by better managing product categories and ranges across hundreds of thousands of SKUs, down to the individual store level.

Gain faster, deeper customer insights, identifying and understanding customers at each stage of their path to purchase, so you can provide more relevant, consistent shopping experiences.

Ensure that the right mix of products is available at the right locations for your customers.

Featured Customer | Travis Perkins

Travis Perkins uses SAS to to transform its approach to inventory management, optimizing inventory to meet customer demand.

SAS helps us gain deeper insight into the demand for individual products at a very granular level ... we can optimize our inventory to meet customer demand, put our limited store space to the best possible use and lift sales. Aaron Jenkins Plumbing and Heating Category Manager Travis Perkins

Travis Perkins Facts & Figures





$7.8 billion

annual revenue

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