On-Demand Webinar

Demand Planning During Uncertainty: Forecasts, Models & Manufacturing Analytics

Learn how analytics helps manufacturers generate reliable, demand-driven forecasts and improve recovery efforts.

About the webinar

As manufacturers and suppliers confront shifting demand and rapidly evolving market conditions, demand planning will make or break long-term business operations and recovery efforts.

Manufacturers who can plan for outages, recommend substitutions, understand their supply chains and predict changes in customer demand will prosper.

Those saddled with inventory holding costs, dissatisfied customers and compromised supply chains will struggle to rebound.

In this webinar, our manufacturing experts will share insights from recent industry discussions and explain how specific analytical models can help generate insights in critical areas, including short-term demand forecasting, inventory optimization and location, and social media sentiment analysis.

What you'll learn:

  • Which industry roles are evaluating multiple approaches to predicting sales, assessing supply chain risk and testing scenarios for other business outcomes during the current crisis.
  • How to ensure demand planning stability with rapid reactions to changing conditions, accurate preparations for recovery and informed planning for the new normal.
  • What leading data science experts in demand planning and scenario analysis say about forecasting, modeling the impact of COVID-19 and what recovery may look like.

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About the Experts

Lonnie Miller
Senior Manager of Industry Consulting for US Manufacturing, SAS

David C. Ogden
Advisory Consultant, Advanced Analytics Lab, SAS