Strengthening cybersecurity to support business growth.

How SAS® Hardens Your Defenses & Reduces Your Cybersecurity Risk

Strong cybersecurity has never been more critical to your organization's performance and financial value. SAS measurably reduces your cybersecurity risk by multiplying the effectiveness of your defenses, freeing your organization to focus on the business of growth.

Our difference is in the data. We apply our deep strength in analytics to your network, fully examining every user, device and action in every moment. The result is significantly faster, more accurate exposure of vulnerabilities and emerging threats you're missing today, with the intelligence to resolve them swiftly and effectively. For over 40 years, SAS has pioneered analytics that drives business growth – the same powerful analytics on which the strongest cyberdefenses are built.

Unify your defenses

Automated analytics boosts the power of your entire stack – analyzing all network data, metadata, alerts and threat feeds – to deliver next-level visibility and detection. Investigate threats in our tool, or connect to your event and response management platforms for seamless remediation.

See the real threats sooner

Our analytics search wider and deeper, identifying previously unseen connections in your data to detect known and unknown threats as they emerge. More than 100 advanced models find these threats faster than most other solutions on the market – and with fewer false positives.

Resolve more confidently

SAS technology surfaces only the highest-risk, validated threats to your team. We automatically integrate essential contextual information, enabling faster, more thorough investigation and resolution, with the highest degree of confidence.

Measurably boost productivity

Our solutions make your teams and technology more efficient and effective by automating laborious manual tasks, reducing alert fatigue and improving the results you get out of your existing security solutions.

Meet SAS® Talon

Unmatched visibility. Rigorous detection. Rapid resolution.

Give your cybersecurity stack the game-changing visibility, threat detection and investigative clarity you need to shut down the most advanced threats earlier and faster.

Why choose SAS® for cybersecurity?

Network visibility like never before

Find unknown devices that could be compromising your security posture with a consolidated, continuous view of your network security risk.

Earlier detection of the threats that matter

Catch threats that other tools miss or find too late – like DGAs and ransomware attacks – with a proven solution that surfaces anomalous device interactions hidden in your network data.

Rich insight for rapid resolution

Dramatically reduce MTTR with deep insight into security events and the users and devices involved, powered by analytics and automation.

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