GDPR is here. Comply by May 25, 2018.

Use SAS to build your analytics advantage and be compliant.

Why SAS for GDPR compliance?

You can’t protect your organisation’s sensitive data if you’re not sure exactly what or where it is. We provide software and services for all phases of the data protection life-cycle.


With SAS, you can access, blend and analyse data from many different file types.


No matter where personal data resides, SAS can identify and extract it from structured and unstructured sources.


SAS helps you enforce governance policies, monitor data quality and manage business terms. You can assign owners to terms and link them to policies or technical assets.


SAS secures sensitive information, and dynamically blend data without moving it to minimise exposure of sensitive data.


To avoid penalties and breaches, SAS delivers interactive reports to identify users, files, data sources and types of personal data detected. You can show who has accessed the data, and how it’s being protected.

How to comply with GDPR
This report will show you how to remain compliant, protect and safeguard all you customers Personal Identifiable Information.

Our solution to GDPR
Identify, govern and protect personal data to reduce risk, improve compliance and avoid fines.

How will it really affect you?

Get started on your GDPR journey 

Let's discuss why we think analytics and data management is at the heart of your GDPR actions.

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