Euramax selects SAS® for data visualization, improved analytics processes

SAS® Visual Analytics offers fast, flexible business reporting; approachable, self-service analytics

Euramax Coated Products, a leading premium coil-coating manufacturer, chose SAS® Visual Analytics to empower employees with data visualization.

Operating on lean manufacturing principles, Euramax will use SAS Visual Analytics for production and operations to report on quality assurance, lost time, scrap materials, down time and financials. The system will include reporting for multiple countries served by Euramax.

"We needed to empower employees with data exploration and reporting capabilities for their daily work," said Peter Wijers, Business Support Manager, Euramax. "SAS makes this happen. The power and flexibility of SAS Visual Analytics will enable Euramax to streamline analytics processes to meet our business objectives."

SAS® Visual Analytics will provide Euramax with data control and report access for day-to-day users. With the ability to analyze data more quickly and efficiently, Euramax will have the answers needed to make better, real-time business decisions.

"Visual data exploration with SAS Visual Analytics lets users quickly filter data or drill down to more details without submitting a report request to IT and waiting. Once data is loaded into SAS Visual Analytics, our analysts can explore the data on their own, without IT support, That freedom gives them better quality answers faster," said Wijers.

With SAS, Euramax plans to offer employees visual analytics on mobile devices, to enable instant access to centralized reports from any location, including customer sites.

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About Euramax Coated Products

Euramax Coated Products brings more than 40 years of experience to the world of coil coated aluminum production, resulting in a wide range of innovative products, special colors and designs. The company's pre-coated metals color all kinds of products, from building facades to household appliances, working with some of the most famous brands in the world.

With an annual production of more than 15.000 km, Euramax supplies customers across the globe. The company runs coil coating lines in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, and has sales offices in the emerging economic markets of China (Shanghai and Hong Kong) and India (Bangalore).

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