SAS® Customer Intelligence 360



Upload data

Learn how to upload customer and location data.





To upload customer and location (geofence and geobeacon) data, navigate to Settings ➤ Manage Data.

You can import data from external sources, such as SAS Marketing Automation or customer demographics tables. After you import the data, you can use the data in SAS Customer Intelligence 360 for targeting, defining segments, and so on. You can also upload the data through a REST API interface. For more information, see Uploading Data through the REST API.

  1. Create a data descriptor if there isn't one already. Data descriptors describe the structure of the external data and how SAS Customer Intelligence 360 should process the contents. Data descriptors that are already defined are listed in the table on the Manage Data page. For more information, see Creating a Data Descriptor.
  2. To upload the customer, geofence or geobeacon data, click Upload Data and select the data type.
    1. Select an appropriate data descriptor.
    2. Click Browse and locate the file on your local system. CAUTION: Select a file type and structure that match the data descriptor. Only CSV files are supported currently.
    3. Click Upload Data to schedule the upload job.


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