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Set goals

Learn how to set goals to measure events that the system can detect.


Goals measure events that the system can detect. For example, the system can detect certain events such as a person clicking on a spot. Add goals to measure the success of the content being delivered by the task. Add a conversion goal and additional non-conversion goals on the Goals tab.

A conversion goal is the primary measure for the success of the task. A nonconversion goal measures other benchmarks that you are interested in. A task must have one conversion goal, although multiple events can be added to that conversion goal. When a conversion goal has more than one event, the goal is met when any one of its events is met. A task can have multiple nonconversion goals. Each nonconversion goal can have only one event.

There are two types of events that can be added to goals: custom events and standard events. Custom events are either Click, Form Submit, Page View, or Mobile events that were defined in Events. Standard events are available without being previously created in Events and are benchmarks that the system can automatically detect. For example, a Click Through event is a standard event. A Click Through event tracks when an element is clicked.

Open an existing task or create a new task. To find an existing task, enter part of the name in the search field to reduce the number of entries in the table.

By default, a task is created with a Click Through conversion goal. To add more events to the conversion goal:
  1. Click Add goal event.
  2. Select the events that you want to add to the conversion goal.
  3. Select Apply as a conversion goal.
To add nonconversion goals:
  1. Click Add goal event.
  2. Select the events that you want to make goals for. Each event that you select becomes a nonconversion goal.

You can change the event and goal type of existing goals. Click a goal to change its settings.Then click Edit.

Once the task has a status of Active, you can monitor the progress of your goals on the Goals tab. To delete a goal, click it and select Delete.

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