SAS® Customer Intelligence 360



Monitor the task

Learn how to use the information that is available from the Summary tab and the Goals tab to monitor the success of your task.



Summary Tab

The Summary tab includes general information about your task. You can see the status of your task, how long the task has been active, the date on which it started, and the last time it was updated. You can also see some information about the task goals, though it is not as detailed as the information that is available from the Goals tab. Some of the widgets on the Summary tab can be added to Home. To add a widget, click Add to Home and select Add to Home.


Goals Tab

The Goals tab contains information about visitors, conversions, and conversion rates. The default Click Through conversion goal acts on the spot defined in your task. If a conversion goal has multiple events, the measurements that are displayed for the conversion goal are the combined measurements for all of the events. Goals that have multiple events are met when any one of the events that make up the goal are satisfied.

For web and mobile tasks, select Stop delivery after conversion to stop delivering creatives once the conversion goal for the task is met. When delivery of the creatives stops, that same spot might switch to displaying creatives from another task. If there is no other task delivering a creative to that spot, then the spot’s default creative is displayed. If there are no other tasks delivering content to that spot and there is no default content defined for that spot, then the spot is empty.

For an A/B test task, the Goals tab also denotes the champion variant and recommended winning variant when a confidence level of 75% for the lift is reached. However, you can declare a winner anytime after the task is active. You can see the overall winner for a conversion goal. If the system finds a variant that performs better for a subset of your target audience, then that variant is denoted as a discovered segment.
You can monitor the progress of the variants on the Goals tab. The Confidence bar chart indicates the likelihood that a variant’s conversion rate differs from the champion’s conversion rate. If no bars are colored in, then the confidence interval is less than 75%. Otherwise, each bar corresponds to the following confidence intervals:

  • One bar indicates a confidence interval of 75% through 79%.
  • Two bars indicate a confidence interval of 80% through 89%.
  • Three bars indicate a confidence interval of 90% through 94%.
  • Four bars indicate a confidence interval of 95% through 98%.
  • Five bars indicate a confidence interval of 99% through 100%.

You can end an A/B test task by declaring a winner on the Goals tab. When you declare a winner, a new task of the same type is created.


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