SAS Manufacturing Day

Programme de la journée

09h30    Accueil petit-déjeuner
10h00    Tour de table et présentations
10h15    SAS dans le Manufacturing
10h30    Atelier Gestion de la Demande / Planification *
12h30    Déjeuner
14h00    Atelier Maintenance prédictive / Management de la performance *
16h00    Débriefing de la journée
16h30    Clôture

Atelier Maintenance Prédictive

Predict performance issues of your industrial assets with enough notice, to address them in a planned way to maximise their output, while maintaining or even decreasing maintenance costs.
Alexander Dähne - Principal Industry Consultant - Industry Unit Manufacturing – SAS EMEA

  • Description of presentation:
    One of the biggest promises of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is providing insight of industrial asset and help companies to find the right balance between increasing availability and controlling maintenance costs. Analytics can help manufacturers to reduce unplanned downtimes, become predictive and pro-active and make the next step towards operational excellence. Based on successfully implemented projects SAS will explain how analytics can increase the transparency across organizations, support complex root cause analysis, predict upcoming failures weeks ahead, forecast the remaining lifetime of critical assets or optimize the scheduling of maintenance tasks. With more than 10 years of experience in analysing asset performance in industries like oil & gas, utilities, manufacturing and transportation, SAS will also share best practices how to introduce analytics to the organization and move towards operational excellence.

Atelier Prévision de la demande

By using Demand sensing and shaping techniques, improve the alignment between Demand and Supply within your organization enabling better customer service at reduced cost.
Patrick van Loon - Business Solutions Manager - Supply Chain Intelligence - SAS

  • Description of presentation:
    Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP), or Integrated Business Planning as it is often called these days, has been on the supply chain executives agenda for many years. But still, achieving the required OTIF (on-time in-full) order completion rates either requires too much inventory or a lot of expediting work. Why are we still not able to align our supply chains with customer demand?

    The process of Market-driven demand management helps to overcome these challenges. By sensing for true demand, as well as balancing demand and supply through demand shaping techniques, a better alignment between Demand and Supply is achieved. At the core of this alignment process is an organization’s ability to acquire, interpret and use data that improves a decision maker’s vantage point and that supports profitability and growth. In this presentation we will show you how SAS is helping its customers to become agile in their Demand Management process, and to improve accuracy and alignment at the same time.   

Date & horaires :

Mardi 22 mars
De 9h30 à 16h30

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SAS Institute
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