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Découvrez les bénéfices et les spécificités des solutions SAS.


  • Achieve a higher standard of care. Our health analytics helps you navigate new payment models, manage risk and nurture healthier patient populations. Check out how you can learn more during and after HIMSS14.
  • SAS® Adaptive Customer Experience SAS Adaptive Customer Experience is a family of solutions that empower marketers to use what they know about a customer – a complete customer profile based on data from both online and offline channels – to execute more relevant, targeted, personalized communications via the Web.



  • SAS® Customer Intelligence 360

    SAS Customer Intelligence 360 is a family of solutions that empower marketers to use what they know about a customer – from a data, analytics and marketing process perspective – to enable more relevant, targeted, individualized communications via all marketing touch points.

  • SAS® Customer Intelligence Solutions

    SAS Customer Intelligence solutions take marketing management to new heights to help companies drive profitable revenue growth. Only SAS arms you with a full suite of customer intelligence solutions – featuring the worlds best analytics – so you can find the most profitable growth opportunities. 


  • SAS for Demand-Driven Planning and Optimization

    With SAS for Demand-Driven Planning and Optimization you can:

    •Quickly and easily visualize market signals and data to predict outcomes.

    •Support integrated business planning (IBP).

    •Automate and optimize the inventory management process.

    •Develop a consensus forecast of actual demand.

    •Accurately forecast new product launches.

  • SAS® Data Management

    Build an enduring data foundation that quickly delivers trusted data with built-in intelligence – from any source, anywhere. 


  • Education Analytical Suite

    SAS is committed to supporting teaching and academic research communities through a broad range of analytic capabilities that meet the needs of teaching and academic research professionals. The Education Analytical Suite for teaching and academic research integrates several SAS Analytics foundation software products in a bundle exclusively available for educational professionals who want superior analytic tools.

  • SAS® EVAAS® for K-12

    As the most comprehensive reporting package of student growth metrics available in the educational market, SAS EVAAS for K-12 provides valuable diagnostic information about past practices and reports on students’ predicted success probabilities at numerous academic milestones.   

  • SAS® Enterprise Analytics for Education SAS Enterprise Analytics for Education gives educational institutions the essential building blocks for a trusted, fully functional business analytics system: data management, reporting, advanced analytics and, perhaps most importantly, powerful data visualization to help gain insights that would otherwise be buried in data.


  • Fuel Price Planning and Optimization The Fuel Price Planning and Optimization solution by SAS and its partner, First Analytics, helps you better understand local market dynamics with strategic planning to optimize price-setting at the local level.
  • SAS® Fraud Framework for Government

    The SAS Fraud Framework for Government is an end-to-end framework for detecting, preventing and managing fraud, waste and abuse. The framework includes components for detection, alert management and case management, along with a category-specific workflow, content management and advanced analytics.


  • Getting to the Real Cost of Doing Business With SAS® Visual Analytics, you can explore all your data visually to get faster, better insights. By combining SAS Visual Analytics with SAS Activity-Based Management, your modelers can get an understanding of all the factors that influence their cost and profitability models.



  • SAS® Intelligent Planning Suite

    SAS Intelligent Planning Suite provides rapid time to value, speeds better decisions, automates execution, fosters collaboration and enables unparalleled high-value performance for your teams.


  • SAS for Local Government For all agencies and departments across local governments, SAS enables better decision making in a variety of areas, including: finance and administration, budgeting, performance management and public safety.


  • SAS® for Marketing Performance Management Managing the marketing organization's performance has been an ongoing challenge for marketing leadership and their teams, and marketing executives are increasingly being asked to identify and validate marketing's impact on shareholder value. Now there's an answer.



  • SAS® for Oil and Gas Oil and gas company leaders around the world rely on the power of SAS to deliver the predictive maintenance, forecasting and analysis, and energy trading and risk management systems needed to effectively manage the world’s longest supply and process chains, from the well-head to the retail gas pump.


  • SAS® Predictive Analytics

    To get answers to complex questions and gain an edge in today's marketplace, powerful, multipurpose predictive analytic solutions are required so you can learn from, utilize and improve on knowledge gained from vast stores of data. SAS Predictive Analytics provides a wide range of software.



  • SAS® for Smart Meter Program Optimization This solution overview illustrates how SAS helps utilities address the variety of challenges they face throughout the life cycle of smart meter programs, from planning and operations through supply chain and maintenance.



  • SAS and the US Department of Health and Human Services

    A renewed, three-year enterprise agreement gives HHS employees access to a variety of SAS® business intelligence and analytics software solutions, including SAS Visual Analytics, SAS® Enterprise Miner™ and SAS Text Miner.


  • SAS® Viya®

    SAS Viya is a cloud-enabled, in-memory analytics engine that provides quick, accurate and reliable analytical insights. Elastic, scalable and fault-tolerant processing addresses the complex analytical challenges of today, while effortlessly scaling for the future.