Peter Pugh-Jones
Head of Technology

Peter Pugh-Jones considers himself extremely lucky to be able do for a living what he has always done as a hobby. Since building his first kit computer while living in the Middle East as a boy, Peter has been hooked on technology, software and gadgets.

During his career, Peter has worked all over the world in diverse sectors of the IT Industry, from low-level message protocol communications all the way to real-time complex analytical processing platforms.

Peter started out working with token-ring networks and DEC VAX/VMS systems, moving on to Windows, Unix and Linux based architectures. He has contributed to many well-known, successful and established open source projects. This experience lead to him becoming a strong proponent of working with open source and propriety software in a complementary way to achieve best in class, high-performance platforms for his customers.

Having worked extensively in the USA as a freelance UNIX and Oracle consultant and instructor, in 2006 Peter turned his talents towards helping customers solve the challenges of Enterprise Risk Management. He helped to deliver solutions for companies in Australia, China, Canada, the USA and the UK.

He joined SAS in 2011 to focus on in-memory, high-performance and streaming alternatives. He has been a major contributor to successful enterprise platform rollouts for some of SAS’ largest customers within the Financial Services industry.

In his spare time Peter works on a range of projects involving sensors, robots and streaming analytics and can occasionally be found online in Destiny or Elite Dangerous.

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