SAS is #1 workplace in Poland

According to 96% of employees, SAS is a great place to work

SAS Poland has been named Best Employer in Poland 2014 in the ranking announced by the Great Place to Work® Institute. SAS achieved top position thanks to remarkable results in both the Trust Index and Culture Audit. With 98 percent of SAS Poland employees taking part in the Trust Survey, the results carry a very high credibility ratio of 99.9 percent. The participation level also shows the level of staff involvement in company matters. Among respondents, 96 percent considered SAS to be a great place to work. The average among this year's laureates was 81 percent.

In addition to first place in the ranking, SAS Poland was also acknowledged with a very special prize – “Where business meets the heart for the people.” The award recognizes outstanding care shown to employees and willingness to meet their needs. The inspiration for that award’s title came directly from a SAS employee in the survey: “This is a great place to work where small things which might seem irrelevant meet hard business, and they work great together to give us a lot of joy.”

“Being recognized as the best employer in Poland gives us great pride and satisfaction. It confirms that we have formed an exclusive and tight team of exceptional professionals who enjoy working together. For years, as SAS has built its very successful business in Poland, we have also built a unique culture of trust, respect and freedom. It is our joint achievement – we did it together and today we all are extremely happy to see each other valued and appreciated.  I am astonished at how many people expressed that they could not imagine working anywhere else. This provides tremendous motivation for me and the management team to foster our culture and care for our people. ”says Alicja Wiecka, SAS Poland Managing Director.

The indicators SAS Poland employee graded highest include:

  • High level of company management.
  • Honesty and fairness (e.g. acknowledging people who deserve it).
  • Open communication.
  • Clear goals.
  • Sense of employment safety and stability.
  • High level of employee involvement.
  • Outstanding atmosphere.Good working conditions.
  • Respect for and individual approach to employees.

Among the employee comments from the survey:

“I can claim with complete confidence and responsibility that I don’t know another place to work like SAS. Although my job and scope of tasks are connected with a large burden of work (mainly of conceptual nature), I come to work every day with joy and enthusiasm.”  

“While putting business goals and profit first, the company makes sure to treat its employees as partners and is directed in its actions by such values as respect, trust, responsibility for its tasks and appreciation. There are extraordinary relations between employees here and a mutual sense of responsibility for common success.”

“I could enumerate many things which are fantastic here. What I value most, however, is the atmosphere of work and cooperation. We are all working with a great passion and we execute projects we could only dream of at the university. We support each other with great kindness and involvement. As a result, we make things which initially seemed unattainable possible.”

Asked what makes SAS a great place to work, the majority of respondents cited friendly relations and joint pursuit of goals (“One Big Team”), outstanding staff competence, interesting professional challenges and growth opportunities, and healthy principles.

This is the third year SAS has been on the list. In 2012, the company took the fourth place and in 2013 second. This year, the Great Place to Work® Institute researched 70 organizations in Poland.

The award honors relationships between employees and managers in five dimensions: credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie. Companies are ranked on the basis of employees’ response to the Trust Index© Survey (2/3 of the score) and The Culture Audit©, completed by management (1/3 of the total score).

A propos de SAS

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