SAS® Customer Intelligence 360



View data upload status

Learn how to check the status of data uploads and other jobs (e.g., downloads and updates).


  1. To view the status of a job, click View Job Status.
  2. The Job Information page displays the status of all jobs in SAS Customer Intelligence 360:
    Uploads are any upload jobs, including customer data, location data, assets and so on.
    Downloads are any jobs in which you download data, such as asset collections.
    Publish jobs include any settings, spots, tasks and so on that require publishing before they are active.
    Updates are scheduled batch updates.
  3. Review the job statuses in the table. The job status is indicated by the following icons:
    – Complete indicates the job completed successfully.
    – Error indicates the job failed.
    – In Progress indicates the job is in progress.
  4. (Optional) Click Refresh to refresh the page.
  5. (Optional) Click Delete to delete a job. You cannot delete a job in progress.

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