SAS® Customer Intelligence 360



Mark your segment as ready

Learn how to mark your segment as ready in order to make your segment available to a task.


To make a segment available to a task after you have set it up:

  1. Click the Orchestration tab and select either Mark Ready or Mark Ready and Publish. This action changes the status of your segment from Designing to either Ready or Active.
  2. A Ready status indicates that the segment is ready to be published with a task. When someone publishes a task that uses a Ready segment, that person is prompted to confirm that the segment should be published along with the task. Segments that have a Ready status can be changed back to a Designing status by clicking Return to Designing. Changing this status prevents segments from being published by a task.
  3. To move a segment from a Ready status to an Active status, click Publish. Segments with an Active status cannot be changed back to Designing. A segment that has an Active status does not prevent a task from publishing.
  4. From Segments, click Select to delete, copy, open, or rename a segment. Make it easier to find a segment by entering part of the name in the search field, which reduces the number of entries displayed in Segments.

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