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Create an activity map

Learn how to create, update, validate and copy an activity map.


An activity is a coordinated series of tasks designed to meet the goals of a marketing campaign. An activity map charts the customer paths between tasks (such as sending a particular message through a particular channel) and the conditions (such as conversion goals and evaluation periods). To create a new activity map:

  1. Click Activities on the Home page.
  2. Click Create New Activity.

The first step in building an activity map is to select a Start task. The Start task identifies the message, channel, segment, and other components that are designed to achieve the marketing goal. To add a start task to the activity map:

  1. Click Add in the Start column of the activity map to add a task.
  2. Select a task from the list of created tasks. If you select a task that has already been published or a task that is included in another activity, you are prompted to make a copy of the task. The copy is used in the current activity map. You cannot select an Email task as a Start task.
  3. To create a new task to add to the activity, click Create New Task.  

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