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Create a new path based on goals

Learn how to create a new path that is based on goals.


The goals that are used in the Split are defined in the preceding task. If multiple events are assigned to a conversion goal, the events are represented by a single output path. Nonconversion goals have separate paths. Select the goals that you want to include as output paths from the Split.

In the following Split Properties, a conversion goal that contains two events and two nonconversion goals has been defined by the preceding task. All of the goals have been selected.

Three output paths are created by the Split when you click OK.

The output paths are evaluated immediately.

Note: A task might use the same event more than once. For example, the same event can be selected as both a conversion goal and a nonconversion goal. In this case, duplicate paths are generated. Duplicate paths are invalid. When you select goals in the Split, make sure that they are based on different events.

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