SAS® Customer Intelligence 360



Create a new path based on conditions

Learn how to create a new path based on conditions that include a trigger period and an evaluation period.


To create an output path that is based on conditions that include a trigger period and an evaluation period, follow the steps below. If an output path is based on conditions, there is a waiting period before the conditions are evaluated.

  1. Double-click the Split to modify your settings. In Split Properties, click the Add icon in the Add Split section.
  2. You can then specify the following conditions for creating additional output paths from the Split:
    1. Trigger for evaluation period
      A trigger is an event that starts the evaluation period. Select Impression or one of the goals from the preceding task.
    2. Evaluation period
      Set the length of time to wait before evaluating the conditions and determining whether the customer is qualified to follow the path. The maximum time possible is 10 years. Ten years is equal to 87,600 hours or 3,650 days or 520 weeks or 120 months. A month is equal to 30 days.
    3. Additional conditions
      The additional conditions are derived from the task goals. For example, you can specify a condition that selects customers who clicked through but did not meet the conversion goal within an hour of the impression. Click Add Criteria to a New Group to group the conditions.

If multiple conditions have the same trigger and the same evaluation period, an output path is assigned randomly to each customer. Each customer follows only one output path.

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