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Add content to a task

Learn how to add content to a task. For example, change the spot, message, creative assets, etc., that a task uses.


All of the details and items associated with the content that your task delivers to the web are specified on the Content tab. In the property pane of the Content tab, you can use the icons to update the items associated with your task. For example, you can change the spot, message, and creatives that the task uses. You can also set the recurrence and impression limits for the creatives.

Navigate to the Content tab of your task and complete these actions:

  • Open the Spot page. Click Edit to change the spot where your message is displayed.
  • Open the Messages page and click Edit to select a new message. In the Select Creatives section, you can choose which creatives the task displays. Click Preview in Site to see how creatives look on your site before updating it. You can select the different creatives associated with a spot by clicking the spot inspector.
  • Note: The creatives that appear in the property pane are ordered by name.
  • If this is a web or mobile task that contains more than one creative, open the Recurrence tab and update how each creative is displayed.
  • Select Frequency to specify how often a creative is displayed compared to other creatives in this task, and then set a percentage for each creative.
  • Select Sequential to set the order in which the creatives are displayed. This option is available only for tasks that use a single spot.
  • Select Rule-based to target the delivery of creatives to a subset of this task’s audience. This option enables you to control which creatives are displayed to which subset of the target audience. Criteria added to creatives are applied to the audience that you defined on the Targeting tab. To add targeting criteria to a creative, select the creative, and then click Set Conditional Rules. This option is available only for tasks that use a single spot.
    Note: Each creative is assigned a number that indicates the order in which the creative's targeting criteria are evaluated. A creative with the number 1 is evaluated first. You can change the numbers by changing the position of the creative in the list. After a suitable creative is found for a user, that creative is delivered and the creatives that come after it are not evaluated. You do not have to add criteria to every creative. The first creative in the list that does not contain targeting criteria becomes the default creative for this task. Any creatives listed after the default creative are never delivered.
  • Open the Impression Limits tab so that you can limit the number of times a customer sees your content.

Select Limit impressions per visitor by period to limit the impressions by time period or session. Select Time period to specify the maximum number of impressions a visitor sees during a specified time interval (for example, minutes, hours, days, or months). Select Session to limit the number of impressions a visitor sees during each session.

Select Limit total impressions per visitor to specify the total number of times a creative is displayed to a visitor. This limit is valid for the duration of this task.

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