SAS® Certification for Academics

Whether you're a student preparing for a career – or an educator validating what you know – you can get certified in SAS for less.

Now is the time to learn new skills, explore technologies and add credentials to your résumé.

Why Get SAS® Certified

  • Valuable investment that pays off. With our SAS academic discount, it's easier to explore different technologies you might be interested in – and get certified in more than one. Get 50% off the standard, full-price, published fees.*
  • Credentials from the analytics leader. SAS certifications are globally recognized, so when you have them on your résumé, it shows you've received in-depth training from industry experts.
  • A distinct career advantage. SAS skills are highly valued among many of today's top employers. When you're certified, you're setting yourself apart from the competition.

*This discount is not available in China or India. Please email the country office in China or India to inquire about other discounts or promotions that may apply.

Earn a Digital Badge From SAS

Earning a globally recognized credential from SAS means you can also earn a digital badge to share on social media sites.

Find Additional Credentials

If you want a wider selection of SAS certifications, view our complete list. You'll find credentials in everything from advanced analytics to visual modeling. To get your academic discount, please take the following steps:

  • Request a discount voucher prior to registering for a SAS certification exam.
  • Select the certification credential you want once you've received your voucher.

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