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Multi Cloud and Analytics Report

Multi Cloud and Analytics Report

How to avoid the pitfalls of multi cloud and analytics platform environments.

About this Report:

According to research, nearly all decision-makers in enterprise organizations across Nordic markets face challenges associated with managing data across multiple clouds. These challenges include encountering different responses to the same queries depending on the cloud where the data is stored, incurring high costs, experiencing slow speeds in obtaining insights, and dealing with poor accuracy.

Similar difficulties are also emerging from the utilization of multiple analytics platforms. Businesses in the Nordic markets are obtaining varied answers to identical questions from their analytics platforms, raising concerns regarding accuracy and the time taken to derive value.

This report outlines the nature of these challenges, explores their underlying causes, and presents five steps that organizations can adopt to overcome these issues and promptly generate accurate insights from their analytics endeavors.

The research involved the participation of over 100 influential decision-makers in the Nordic markets, specifically in data, analytics, and cloud services. Each participant represented companies with a workforce of over 3,000 employees.