Nordic Ask the Expert Webinar Series

Version control in SAS

On-Demand • Cost: Complimentary

About the webinar

Part 1: Single-user Workflow
• Version control your own SAS code
• SAS Enterprise Guide (+ Demo)
• SAS Studio 3.8x (+ Demo)
• Q & A

Part 2: Team Workflow
• Collaborate on a shared SAS code base
    o SAS Enterprise Guide
    o SAS Studio 5.x (+ Demo)
• Data Management/Engineering (ETL) and Process Flows
    o SAS Data Integration Studio
    o SAS Studio 2021.x
• Q & A

Part 3: Setup & Best Practices
• Setting up SAS/Git version control in practice
    o SAS Enterprise Guide (+ Demo)
    o SAS Studio (+ Demo)
• Common challenges and what to avoid
• Git functions in the SAS language
• Combining SAS with other Git tools
• Q & A

Part 4: Advanced Team Workflow (if time allows)
• Feature branches, pull requests, code review
• GitFlow, protected branches, merge requests, release management
• DevOps, CI/CD
• Q & A

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About the Expert

Erik Strömgren
Sr Technical Consultant, SAS Sweden