SAS Institute joins Ericsson Industry 4.0 partner program for smart wireless manufacturing

SAS Institute announced today that it has executed the required agreement to participate in the Ericsson Industry 4.0 partner program, delivering value by contributing their data analysis expertise and SAS® Viya® software in the partner program's connected ecosystem for more efficient and smarter industry 4.0 sites.

Industries from all over the world are looking at solutions that can simplify the connection of devices within their manufacturing. Internet of things (IoT) is a technology that is developing rapidly, and industrial production companies want to get more out of the data generated by the connected units in the production systems.

“Collaboration within the framework of Ericsson Industry Connect will lead to more efficient and safer industrial production, and systems with self-learning capabilities that enable production and processes to be developed and optimised over time. It will also contribute to increased profitability for the industry,” Ola Ringström, Nordic Sales Director, SAS Institute.

Purpose-built for industrial environments, Ericsson Industry Connect is a dedicated wireless cellular network that provides secure, reliable coverage, high device density, and predictable latency. Leveraging this connectivity solution, enterprises can gain full visibility of machines, processes and data, using 4G/LTE now with a clear path to 5G. 

 “Adopting cellular connectivity solutions based on Ericsson technology allows SAS Institute to offer industrial customers a solution that increases productivity,” said Thomas Noren, Head of Dedicated Networks at Ericsson. “By becoming a member of the Ericsson Industry 4.0 partner program, SAS Institute is ready to play a pivotal role in improving business outcomes for customers.” 

The partnership will allow communications service providers (CSP) and system integrators to use SAS Institute's data analytics solutions as part of Ericsson Industry Connect in a technical plug-and-play architecture.

“One of the advantages of the combination of Ericsson Industry Connect and SAS Institute is that it is easier to run the analytical models either locally at the factory, in a cloud environment or ’on the edge‘, on industrial gateways, for example. The analysis environment is adapted according to needs and the application area. It also means that customers benefit from low latency and reliability, for new applications within, for example, production yield and product quality,” says Christer Bodell, Advisory Industry Consultant, SAS Institute.

The Ericsson Industry 4.0 Partner program is a vehicle for solution providers who offer their technologies as a part of Industry 4.0 ecosystem. This program sets the standard for recognizing a partner’s investment in the tools and processes necessary to provide high return on investment for industrial customers using cellular connectivity as the foundation for their Industry 4.0 initiatives. 

With SAS Institute's participation, customers can expect a product that meets and handles a number of challenges which are evident in existing production lines. Examples of this are improved production capacity through fewer production defects and a reduced need for security stocks, as well as increased production efficiency through reduced waste from production with lower resource and energy use.

The partnership will also contribute to the increased quality of the final product. In turn, this will give higher customer satisfaction, fewer complaints and warranty issues, and thus a better margin on the products. It will also provide for lower capital costs and higher security throughout production and between different production units within the industry.

“The partner program with Ericsson is an important part of SAS Institute's strategy for the Internet of Things, where we strive for a wide range of products, services and solutions that strengthen and develop the ecosystem. Collaborations and partnerships are a key part of this strategy,” says Ola Ringström, Nordic Sales Director, SAS Institute and continues: “SAS Institute's extensive expertise in data analytics with AI capability is an important part of this ecosystem, in order to optimise data exchange between the units and to provide fast data analysis for automation and for the intelligence in the system.”

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Ola Ringström, Sales Director Nordic, SAS Institute
Christer Bodell, Advisory Industry Consultant, SAS Institute

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