Who Works Magic Managing Your Data? Recognize Them Today!

SAS presents the third annual Data Stewards Day Nov. 19; award nominations now open

Know someone who regularly works magic managing the complexities and intricacies of your organization's data? While it may not be as glamorous as pulling a rabbit from a hat or making the Statue of Liberty disappear, SAS is once again acknowledging the unsung heroes who make your organization’s data a true asset with the third annual Data Stewards Day. Nominations for the annual Data Steward of the Year Award are now open, and winners will be announced Nov. 19.

Often referred to as the "moderately sung heroes" (they don't get a great deal of credit, but they make a decent salary), data stewards work the magic of bridging IT and business without the benefit of smoke and mirrors. For the third year, SAS and The Data Roundtable, the industry's pre-eminent minds in data management, have come together to celebrate the world's greatest "data stewards" – literally, the keepers of the data.

Data stewards work virtual (and in some cases, near-literal) magic with vast volumes of organizational information – with the industry's highest honor, the Stewie. Previous winners include Sallie Mae's Barbara Deemer (2011) and iJet's Falguni Sanghani (2012). With the recognition comes automatic entry into the Data Stewards Hall of Fame alongside historical figures as Zenodotus and Thomas Jefferson.

"Do they have a magic wand or even a top hat? A cape? I can't really say," said Jill Dyche, Vice President of SAS Best Practices. "Maybe they do, but they don't usually bring it to the office. But what I can say is that our past winners have been nothing short of magic in their work managing the complex data of major organizations such as Sallie Mae and iJet. They have awed audiences – in this case, their coworkers – with the ability to bridge the business and technology sides of the organization.

"We are looking to again honor these spellbinders who dazzle us all with their ability to use amazing skills – and yes, maybe some sort of magic, but not the dark arts kind; the benign, fun kind that everyone enjoys watching – to both manage data and act as a liaison between IT and business."

Nominations can take any form – colleagues and data admirers have submitted everything from videos and PowerPoint presentations to heartfelt poems and letters. In addition to previous winners Deemer and Sanghani, judges for this year's event include some of the greatest minds in data, members of The Data Roundtable such as Jim Harris, David Loshin and Joyce Norris-Montanari. You can keep up with the magic on Twitter at @sasdataflux, hashtag #DSD13.

Nominations must be submitted by Nov. 4, 2013, using the magic of the Internet. For more information, visit datastewardsday.com.

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