SAS presents...

Data Science Escape Room

Open between 10:00-19:00

At SAS Forum you will have the opportunity to solve big problems in a Data Science Escape Room! A vicious cyberattack is about to hit our data center, and you are the only one to prevent it from happening.  In teams of four people, you can use SAS® software to disable the cyberattack and save us all.

What You need to know

  • The SAS Data Science Escape Room is a SAS’ customers only 30-minutes experience.

  • You play in teams of four people. You can form a team prior to the event or on-site.

  • You can register for one game only.

  • Register and book your time slot when arriving at the SAS Forum.

  • Limited time slots.

  • For any questions, please contact Mike Johansson:
    +45 51 38 79 14