Laurent Colombant
Business Development Manager Fraud solution EMEA

Laurent Colombant is the EMEA solution lead for the Continuous Controls solution for Procurement, T&E, insider and HR fraud. He has been working in the fraud and compliance IT solutions space for over 18 years.

Laurent has been helping customers tackle financial crime using NLP, ML and analytics since 2000. After focusing on sanctions screening, anti-money laundering, payment fraud and terrorist cell financing he is now working to address Continuous Controls for SAS customers. This includes P2P, T&E, Know Your Supplier and Insider fraud modus operandi.

Prior to joining SAS, Laurent worked on sanctions screening and halt of business for Tier 1 banks using lexical AI. He managed a subsidiary of Temenos specialized in scanning and checking SWIFT messages.

He holds an MBA in Finance from the University of Michigan and a joint degree in linguistics, econometrics and computing from the University of Montreal

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Speaker engagements

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