Riad Gydien

Executive Vice President & Chief Sales Officer

Riad Gydien leads a global team focused on driving value for our customers and business growth for SAS. He is responsible for establishing the global sales business strategy and executing upon it to deliver topline revenue and ensure customer success.

His customer-centric approach places enhancing value at the forefront of SAS’ relationship with customers, including via a global, dedicated team that works with customers to realize the full value of the products and services they use. 

Gydien’s eagerness to understand the diversity of cultures in various markets, countries and regions has led to team cohesion and success. This understanding translates to a demonstrated ability to help individuals, businesses and organizations improve how they manage and transform their data into insights.

Gydien spent a number of years working in high-technology industries across multiple geographies before joining SAS in 2007 as South Africa Country Manager. Continued success led to his growth trajectory: VP of Middle East and Africa by 2008, Senior Vice President of EMEA South in 2017, Senior Vice President of EMEA in 2019, and Chief Sales Officer of EMEA and AP in 2021.


Portrait of Riad Gydien