Business Rules Manager

SAS® Business Rules Manager

Create, deploy and manage business rules from one place

With SAS Business Rules Manager, you can create business rules, manage business rule vocabularies, develop and test rule flows, deploy rule flow packages and monitor rule execution.

This technology allows consuming applications to deploy business rules and plug them into the decision life cycle. It also provides a common platform for rule management and deployment, so business rules can be integrated easily with other SAS solutions.


Enables business users to create and maintain rules without prior SAS or programming knowledge.

SAS Business Rules Manager reduces the time and effort required to create business rules by providing simple, automated tools for creating and managing vocabularies, entities and terms.

Gives business users a single rule-management environment to simplify updates to rule logic.

This means different systems and personnel across your organization can share and collaborate about rule development and use.

Helps integrate models and business rules for faster, better decisions.

Integration capabilities make it easier for operational processes to use models and associated business rules – for analytically sound decision making. Outputs from models, such as predictive scores, are used as inputs to business rules to produce more informed scenarios. Combining consistent business rules with analytics leads to better decisions in your operations.

Provides interactive business rule testing.

Validates business rule logic and delivers the expected results with interactive rule testing.



Business Rules Manager
  • Design, test and publish business rule logic
  • Create and manage common vocabularies
  • Develop in a collaborative environment
  • Publish rule objects for use in data management activities
  • Create and manage external reference tables

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