SAS® to visualize the data behind world’s most pressing challenges

SAS is official analytics and data visualization provider for the new Global GoalsCast

It’s one thing to tell people about the millions of individuals around the world who barely have enough clean water to survive. It’s another thing to show and inspire them to take action. That’s why SAS has joined forces with Global GoalsCast to provide data visualizations with SAS®Viya® about the critical challenges facing humanity.

Launched in January on Apple Podcasts, Global GoalsCast is a podcast series that inspires action by sharing the stories of people tackling urgent global issues, including migration, clean water, gender equality, climate change and the refugee crisis.

As the official analytics partner, SAS will help explain these complex issues through interactive data visualizations and other imagery to accompany the podcast episodes. Visuals will be shared on the Global GoalsCast webpage and social media platforms.

Global GoalsCast focuses on the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals – known as the Global Goals. Signed by 193 countries in 2015, the Goals have specific targets to achieve a more prosperous, peaceful and sustainable world by the year 2030.

According to Global GoalsCast co-hosts Claudia Romo Edelman and Edie Lush, “we started this podcast to engage and inspire the podcast listener audience, which tends to be full of curious, early adopters, and influencers, to learn about the Global Goals and take action. Achieving the 17 Global Goals requires global participation and this podcast is an innovative method for sharing this message.”

Harnessing the power and passion of the crowd

Last year, SAS urged the public to wield data for good with the launch of GatherIQ™, a crowdsourcing app that asks users to analyze data and provide information to help nonprofits in their missions.  Previously available only on Apple® products, the app can now be accessed on the Web and will be available on Android devices April 9th.

Global GoalsCast listeners will be encouraged to explore data on important causes through GatherIQ. Users of the app are already helping IOM, World Wildlife Fund and the Sepsis Alliance address a myriad of issues related to migrant danger, wildlife preservation and sepsis awareness.

All of the organizations involved with Global GoalsCast have a total reach of over 93 million social media followers.

“SAS is excited to help Global GoalsCast tell these stories by analyzing data for good and to ignite the passion of its listeners to change the world,” said I-Sah Hsieh, SAS Corporate Social Innovation Director. “By visualizing this data, people can quickly grasp the challenges we face and share it with their social media networks. Awareness fuels engagement and opens the door to new possibilities for tackling these Goals as a global community.”

A Data for Good tradition

For SAS, the Global GoalsCast collaboration represents the latest in the company’s Data for Good effort. Previously, SAS helped the United Nation’s International Organization for Migration (IOM) respond to humanitarian crises following earthquakes in Nepal and Pakistan, and Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. SAS analyzed data from thousands of shelters to help IOM responders identify critical issues and prioritize relief efforts.

SAS is a supporter of the Data for Good movement, exploring how to use data in meaningful ways to solve humanitarian issues around poverty, health, human rights, education, and the environment. From child welfare to combating opioid abuse, from behavioral health to providing better educational opportunities for children, the power of data to improve the world is profound.

Today's announcement was made in advance of SAS Global Forum, the world's largest analytics conference, with more than 30,000 business and IT users of SAS software participating on-site and online. Attendees of the conference can learn more about GatherIQ and how SAS is using Data for Good by visiting Booth 108.

About Global GoalsCast

Global GoalsCast is a podcast series focused on storytelling for good. The podcast inspires listeners to take action by sharing the stories of known and unknown heroes who are making positive change in the world.

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