SAS® 360 Match Features

APIs for everything

  • APIs for tasks.
    • Manage SAS 360 Match through the API, including data upload and retrieval.
    • Manage access permissions in the API.
  • Ad-serving API – Make ad calls with a flexible template-based system that includes prebuilt ad calls for multiple display ads or an entire broadcast ad break with a single call to support all channels, including email and ATMs.

Customer privacy protection

  • First-party advertising – Provide first-party ad serving for your properties, with the option to manage multiple domains for ad serving and delivery.
  • Secure protocols – Create ad calls, data transfers and downloads over secure protocols. SAS 360 Match also supports HTTP2 for greater efficiency.
  • Category-level opt out – Enable users to opt out of ad types or data collection.
  • User data descriptors – Use metadata to mark your data to reveal where data is coming from and to understand what it is being used for.
  • User preferences – Make "forget me" and user data requests with ease.
  • Short-term external mappings to internal IDs — Assign your advertisers a short-term expiring ID that maps to your internal ID.
  • Cookie-free operation – Choose to use a stable ID instead of cookies. All systems behave as if cookies were still enabled.
  • Fraud detection framework – Configure whitelists and blacklists for your fraud framework to tune our systems to your business needs.

User data activation & targeting

  • Real-time connections – Create real-time data connections to multiple DMPs and analytic systems, with bidirectional cookie syncing and the ability to pull user data into our systems for decisioning in real time.
  • Behavioral event collection and targeting – Augment or replace your DMP with real-time behavioral segment collection and interval targeting, enabling you to target users based on past behavior.
  • Next best action – Enable a sequence of messages from an external system on an individual customer level, with in-session analytic input.
  • A/B tests – Run simple A/B tests controlling exposure to a set of users with sticky creatives.
  • Strike list management – Enable your customers to opt out of categories of ads.
  • Time offset targeting – Target ads based on renewal dates
  • UI-managed target macros (Supertag) – Simplify rapid migration by mapping a single keyword or multiple keywords to extended data that is managed in the ad server, acting like a tag-management solution.

Sales flow refinement

  • Sales process management – Manage your sales process from RFP to signed IO in our systems. Refine and reserve line items before converting the campaign to be managed by a trafficker.
  • Precision simulation-based forecasting – Use our tools to estimate and manage your inventory with full confidence. Identify and sell valuable small pockets of inventory.
  • Inventory management – Reserve inventory based on the likelihood of sales. Configure a setting to manage valuable direct media buys and competition in your sales teams.
  • Contending flights – View contending flights and empower your sales team with quick answers about sold inventory that might prevent your business from getting the inventory that it needs.
  • Alert framework – Manage rules and approvals with ease.
  • RFP and IO generation – Create branded exports for your media buys, with flexible assignment of terms and conditions.
  • Sales team support – Simplify working with multiple sales teams by refining each team’s access to a subset of your traffic, tiers, and reporting.

QA framework

  • Decision QA – Determine why an ad was picked. Run a complete trace showing all data activated and other considerations for serving an ad.
  • Decision logging – Enable short-term decision logging to track down discrepancies or integration failures.
  • Programmatic target testing – Build a target and test it from the 360 Match UI.

Programmatic monetization

  • Server-to-server second auction pre-bid support – Receive the fastest direct connection to SSPs, with a direct evaluation of your direct sold inventory against multiple bids from SSPs in engine at serve time.
  • PMP support for non-impression goal media and guaranteed impressions – Configure controlled competition settings on a tier level.
  • Real bid comparisons – Compare true prices among agencies that offer discounts and SSPs that charge overhead.
  • Parallel bid support for multiple sizes or transparency – Use alternate size support to bid on multiple sizes individually to DSPs, or determine what inventory is available.
  • Built-in Prebid server support – Connect your organization’s Prebid server to our built-in server-to-server support and direct sold inventory.
  • Dynamic or fixed floor prices – Update your floor prices with time targets or dynamic competition with directly booked ads.

Ad trafficking

  • Prioritize by business model – Define your business using our tools, with tiers enabling specific pacing on impression goals, sponsorship, eCPM and eCPM/second, as well as exacting PMP controls for how deals will compete.
  • Pace on external conversions or views – Use our integrations to schedule external events, such as events from an external viewability solution.
  • Easy-to-view campaign dashboards – Examine the delivery process and unique user exposure in our campaign dashboards.
  • Pacing curve controls – Configure exacting manual controls on delivery curve or set up automated pacing for rare audiences.
  • Clash management tools with programmatic hooks – Map your clash management through to our systems for break management.
  • Autoscaling tools – Scale our systems to meet your needs. SAS Match 360 has been tested with live television events.
  • Lazy loading and viewability support – Measure the viewable delivery of the frame to get the viewability score that you want and develop just-in-time ad calls to reduce friction with advertisers.


  • Smart upload – Import ad tags from other systems.
  • Real-time analytic input into creative – Use our built-in analytics connector to configure truly dynamic or contextual ads.
  • Targeted co-delivery of libraries – Implement co-delivery of counting pixels or viewability/validation.
  • Optimized caching for HTML5 – Optimized client-side caching enables you to expedite ad serving.
  • Companion ad serving – Trigger multiple ads on page with ease.
  • Flexible templating systems supporting VAST and VMAP – Update your configuration with macros and templates as standards evolve.


  • Live tactical reporting – Get the data you need to with ease with our live tactical reporting.
  • Business intelligence – Examine and analyze your inventory, discover sweet spots of performance to optimize, or inform advertisers.
  • Log file exports – Examine your reporting in your own tools and combine it with other data sets.
  • Custom event reporting – Use our flexible actions that enable detailed conversion support.
  • Billable moment video reporting – Configure our reporting to work with your advertisers and what they compensate you on, combining quartile and viewability reports.


  • Cookie-free option – Operate without cookies and provide an external ID instead.
  • Robust team and role support – Overlap geo-located teams with team and individual data views, and precise user permissions.
  • Detailed documentation – Find documentation for the API and the product.
  • Single sign-on support (SSO) – Use your own sign-on tools to access ours.
  • International multicurrency support – Sell across countries and currencies in one system with time zone and currency support down to the flight level.
  • HTTP2 support – Achieve faster and more secure ad serving.
  • SDKs for mobile – Get support for mobile applications that run iOS and Android operating systems.