Generali Hellas hones rate-making, call center with SAS® Visual Analytics

Insurer joins more than 500 firms improving decisions with data visualization, analytics

Greece's oldest insurer is surmounting modern competitive challenges by implementing SAS® Visual Analytics to improve customer service. Building on its existing SAS analytics investment, Generali Hellas chose software that lets business users quickly and easily view critical customer service data in highly visual formats.

More than 500 companies are using the acclaimed SAS data visualization software, unveiled just last year. With SAS Visual Analytics, everyday users wield powerful analytics to explore data via simple point-and-click. While intended for any size data environment, SAS' in-memory foundation makes it especially useful for big data visualization.

"SAS Visual Analytics analyzes massive volumes of data in minimal time, which we previously could not do," said Dionissis Moschonas, Generali's Assistant IT Manager. "It provides our executives direct access to significant data volume so they can effortlessly analyze big data without IT assistance.

"Beyond its impressive speed, SAS has done an outstanding job on the graphical interface and has furthermore provided users with Web and tablet access. SAS Visual Analytics allows Generali Hellas executives to develop tailor-made reports, necessary for daily business monitoring and timely trend assessment. These reports highlight essential and meaningful information, provide a broader understanding, and ultimately result in a more effective decisions making process."

Analyzing billions of rows of data in minutes or seconds

Part of SAS' high-performance family, SAS Visual Analytics' powerful in-memory technology exploits all data, regardless of size and source. Generali can analyze billions of rows of data in minutes or seconds, and view visually compelling results on the Web, iPad® and Android tablets.

Indicatively, Generali uses SAS Visual Analytics in the actuarial department to monitor portfolio performance and improve its motor-product rating engine. Billings and collections groups use it to measure and improve call-center performance.

"With SAS, we produce a variety of loss-ratio and written-premium reports that include many different combinations," said Moschonas. "Our new motor-scoring product features a complex rating engine that considers 20 different factors. We continually monitor results and identify factors that need improvement using reports created with SAS Visual Analytics."

SAS Visual Analytics includes forecasting, multiple regression model selection, data correlations, multiple visualization interactions and dynamic filtering. Public and private cloud versions are currently available in the Americas, and will be offered globally by the end of 2013.

SAS – no surprise

"Generali chooses strategic relationships with the best companies," Moschonas said. "SAS is the market leader in business analytics and data management, so it is no surprise that SAS Visual Analytics is the premier solution for data visualization."

SAS Visual Analytics combines several innovative technologies in a single environment:

  • Industry-leading analytics – SAS was named the No. 1 global supplier of advanced analytics by a wide margin.
  • Deployment options – Customers can choose from five operational environments: an internal cloud, SAS-hosted systems, public cloud, single server on-premise, and powerful on-premise grid architectures.
  • Mobile support – Mobile users can view visualizations on iPad or Android tablets, and receive alerts and collaborate via the mobile app.
  • In-memory architecture – SAS software’s patent-pending in-memory architecture offers blazing-fast operation to analyze big data assets. Insight from billions of rows of data is ready in less time than it takes to pour a cup of coffee.

SAS Visual Analytics' broad and powerful capabilities have attracted hundreds of customers around the globe, including ContactLab Italia, Connexance MD, Cosmos Bank, CreditReform, CSI Piemonte Italia, DirectPay, Essent, EuraMax Coated Products, Fraport, Habermaass GmbH, Immoweb, Itzehoer Insurance, Lenovo, metafinanz, OMV Energy, Roularta, Telecom Italia and XL Group.

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About Generali Hellas

The Generali Group is the largest European insurance group and second-largest global financial insurance company, with operations in more than 64 countries around the world. Among the 475 subsidiaries comprising the group, Generali Hellas is its representative in the Greek insurance market, with a history of more than 125 years in the country.

Acerca de SAS

SAS es la compañía líder de software y servicios de Business Analytics, y el mayor proveedor independiente del mercado de Business Intelligence. A través de soluciones innovadoras, SAS ayuda a clientes en más de 80.000 instalaciones a mejorar el rendimiento y crear valor con una toma de decisiones más rápida. Desde 1976, SAS proporciona a sus clientes en todo el mundo THE POWER TO KNOW®


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