German insurer ARAG fuses risk management in single SAS® platform

SAS® Risk Management for Insurance helps with Solvency II compliance, offers comprehensive financial overview

In order to comply with Solvency II, ARAG needed to centralize risk management. Germany’s largest family-owned insurer wanted a comprehensive risk platform for data management - from risk calculations to reporting - to leverage compliance for business needs. ARAG turned to SAS® Risk Management for Insurance to establish a common technology platform for all divisions, worldwide subsidiaries and insurance classes.

SAS Risk Management for Insurance gives ARAG its first-ever financial overview of the risks within the group.
While complying with Solvency II regulations, the insurer expects to gain valuable new information and tools for corporate management.

"The key for us is the end-to-end approach. The platform must model and calculate risks while managing risk data centrally for the entire group. It must also provide information through regulatory-compliant reports," said Wolfgang Mathmann, Head of Group Risk Management at ARAG. "The tasks must largely be performed with standard software to help minimize the project risks."

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