The Analytics Life Cycle


With decades of demonstrated leadership in analytics, SAS can help you accelerate the entire analytics life cycle – from data, to discovery, to deployment. Only the SAS Platform provides the perfect balance of choice and control across all your data, analytics and talent investments throughout the analytics life cycle. That's the SAS difference. 

The Analytics Life Cycle


The SAS Platform streamlines data access and preparation – including enhancing data quality – while ensuring the proper controls are in place. This dramatically increases the productivity and speed of your analytics resources.

Access data of any complexity, size or speed with a robust suite of data management tools.

Streamline data preparation with native access engines, integrated data quality and data preparation tools that leverage AI to automate time consuming tasks.

Take advantage of both traditional structured data, as well as new formats, such as streaming sensor data.

The Analytics Life Cycle


Discovery is all about exploration, visualization and model building. The SAS Platform puts an incredible breadth and depth of analytic techniques at your fingertips, accessible from SAS or open source languages such as Python, R or Lua. Analysts can use whatever language they want, while benefiting from the computational power of the SAS Platform.

Tackle problems of any size or complexity with an extensive suite of proven analytic techniques.

Take advantage of programming-language flexibility, which gives you broader access to algorithms and a larger talent pool to hire from.

Make powerful analytics accessible to everyone across your organization, regardless of skill or experience.

The Analytics Life Cycle


Deploying analytics into production is where value is realized. The SAS Platform helps you put analytics into action quickly – using a transparent, governed process – so you can reap value from your data faster.

Move quickly from creating and selecting a model to deployment with robust model management capabilities – whether you're building a single model or thousands.

Get the best models into production quickly with faster, easier model deployment.

Build models once and deploy them anywhere without recoding. A unified code base saves you immense time and effort.

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