Kelly Lu
Senior Business Solutions Manager

Artificial Intelligence has made its way into almost every organization’s road map and strategy. The continuously evolving and dynamic nature of AI makes it easy to get lost on the way to value. In her role at SAS, Kelly advises businesses on AI best practices and what is required for a successful AI project.  

Prior to joining SAS as a Business Solutions Manager, Kelly worked in various industries as a Data Scientist. She currently leads the Analytics and AI practice in Africa and uses her experience on the ground to help businesses in the region to find insights in their data and gain the most value out of AI. 

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Speaker engagements

2021SAS AI Day - Mohammed VI Polytechnic University  WebinarSAS
2021Responsible AIWebinarThe SA Ubuntu Foundation, Morocco
2021SAS in Data ScienceWebinarUniversity of Johannesburg, South Africa
2021Data Science Interview TipsWebinarData Science MeetUp, Johannesburg South Africa
2021Ethical AI, TV InterviewVideoSABC, South Africa
2020The Analytics Respone – How SAS can assist data scientists overcome challenges compounded by remote working On-demand WebinarSAS
2020Women in AI On-demand Webinar on TwitterGirlCode
2019Data Science & AI Platform For The Modern Data Scientist
Cape Town, South AfricaCoriniumin Chief Data Science Officer Africa 2020
2019Getting AI out of the lab and into the real world
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2019Modern Data Scientist's platform
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