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SAS® BookRunner® Analytics Workbench

Run analytics and build credit and market risk models in a centralized environment.


With the SAS BookRunner Analytics Workbench, you don't just build models; you build solutions – for credit risk and cross-commodity spread analytics, generation-asset modeling, and trading limit and hedge-compliance management. You also get a powerful drill-down tool that creates mobility for risk executives with dashboards that publish to any desktop or smart device.


Easily build models and run analytics.

Build models and run your analyses in a centralized, easy-to-use graphics environment. You can quickly access data in any format (e.g., spreadsheets, relational databases and proprietary data stores), cleanse the data, perform analyses and create models using a vast range of SAS statistical functions.

End reliance on spreadsheets.

Overuse of spreadsheet software as a quick fix for reporting and analysis can introduce errors due to manual copying and pasting – and that can lead to financial losses. In addition, maintaining multiple spreadsheets can take a huge toll on employees' time. SAS BookRunner Analytics Workbench ends organizational reliance on spreadsheets for risk reporting by providing a single, powerful analytics system.

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  • Ability to build custom reporting and analysis tools.
  • OLAP cube creation and reporting.


  • Drill-down tool with dashboards.
  • Customizable risk portal.

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