SAS/ACCESS® Interface to Impala

Real-time access to Hadoop. Work up to 65 times faster than with other systems.

Hadoop gives you easy access to big data. Analytics helps you mine that data for business insight. But what’s missing? Speed. Because the faster you work, the easier it is to blow past the competition. With an out-of-the-box solution connecting SAS and Impala, you’ll gain low-latency response times – and get more work done, faster. You’ll slice query times to sub-seconds. And go for the win.


Work directly with Hadoop for more power, flexibility.

By directly running with Hadoop, this solution reads widely used file formats, using Hadoop's flexibility and scaling capabilities to boost efficiency and eliminate bottlenecks. You can process all types of data – such as blogs, documents and records – in structured, semi-structured and unstructured formats.

Bypass unnecessary tasks. Gain faster insights.

Get the answers you need immediately – and act on them faster. With no duplication or synchronization of data, you can bypass tasks that slow processes down and work more efficiently.

Query, analyze and report on Hadoop data in real time.

Using native Impala SQL gives you seamless read and write control over Hadoop-related interactions, enabling direct interaction with Hadoop from SAS. Plus, you can derive insight from Hadoop without learning a new scripting or coding language.

Support both business and IT with integrated metadata.

Give both sides of your organization the ability to access and control data. The process is intuitive enough for business to query and run reports – yet IT will benefit from the technology’s automated metadata updates.



  • Ability to run natively on Hadoop. Gain flexibility and scaling capabilities by working directly with Hadoop for analytical and transactional processing.
  • Transparent query, reporting and analysis. Seamlessly interact with Hadoop data in real time.
  • Integrated metadata. Support both business and IT needs with intuitive processes to access and control data.
  • Improved efficiency. Bypassing MapReduce, which is not designed to execute SQL, boosts speed and performance.

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