Global telcos put SAS® Customer Link Analytics on speed dial

SAS helps CSPs understand evolving customer requirements, relationships

Communications service providers (CSPs) must improve customer experience if they are to overcome fierce competition and boost business performance. Data-rich CSPs have found a powerful ally in SAS® analytics for targeting the best audience for their marketing offers. SAS Customer Link Analytics – comprising SAS analytics, visualization, dashboards and reports – improves customer acquisition, retention, cross-sell and up-sell. Visualizing social connections among customers enables CSPs to quickly differentiate influential leaders and their followers. Using SAS, from the leader in business analytics software and services, organizations can better segment their markets; determine how and when to target influencers; and test new campaigns, products and services.

"Early adopters who are socially engaged wield enormous influence over others' purchasing decisions," said Ken King, Director of SAS Telco and Media Convergence. "SAS Customer Link Analytics has proven invaluable in identifying these crucial customers and understanding what they like. Assessing leaders' needs helps marketers adapt more quickly to changing preferences and market dynamics. For example, by offering trials to 'leader' segments, companies can observe how quickly their influence spreads, measuring and managing the success of offers earlier than before."

Communications industry leaders fuel marketing strategy improvements

Beyond behavior analysis, SAS helps companies understand community relationships and activities related to their products and services. Examples of telecommunications companies using SAS Customer Link Analytics are Claro in Brazil and in Chile, Comunicación Celular in Colombia, Telecom Italia in Italy, and Orascom in Tunisia. SAS Customer Link Analytics is also used by telecommunications companies in Argentina, Australia, Greece, India, Japan, the Philippines, Turkey, Romania and the US.

"Claro Chile marketing and customer service efforts are more effective, now that we use SAS Customer Link Analytics to identify and segment leaders and followers in user communities," said Lucita Marquez, Head of Business Intelligence of Claro Chile, a subsidiary of América Móvil, the third-largest operator of telecommunications in the world and the largest in Latin America. "With SAS, we are improving customer acquisition, loyalty and retention." 

"As a mobile operator serving a large customer base in a very competitive market, microclustering helps us direct the most suitable offers to customers through the most effective channel of contact," said Elisabetta Ripa, Director of Mobile Consumer Market for Telecom Italia. "SAS Customer Link Analytics helps us understand the behavior of our customers and the relationships among them, so we can maximize the results of our CRM retention and up-selling efforts."

SAS Customer Link Analytics can be customized to meet company-specific needs to give a relevant, detailed understanding of network relationships from the supply chain to consumers. Only SAS provides a full suite of customer intelligence solutions fueled by the world's best analytics, delivering the power to find the most profitable growth opportunities, take the best marketing actions and maximize cross-business impact.

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