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Airline consultant helps ground teams keep airlines aloft

Lufthansa Consulting uses SAS® to optimize its services

The impact of rising ticket prices spans all of commercial aviation. To compete, airlines expect uncompromising service and safety from their "ground handlers" – businesses that handle such jobs as ticketing and check-in, boarding, catering, and lounge operations. To stay in business, ground handlers must keep the airlines and their passengers happy.

A leading provider of services and solutions for the aviation industry, Lufthansa Consulting uses SAS® Cost and Profitability Management in a process-optimization tool it developed for ground handlers.

The solution provides quick, efficient and flexible representation of organizational structures and ties into various databases automatically. As a result, users can estimate costs and turnover based on real-time changes and conduct cost-benefit analyses to find areas for improvement.

Panoramic view of costs, processes

Using SAS, Lufthansa Consulting created a solution that models standard ground-handler processes; understands how to assign costs for activities and products; handles multiple data sources; and prepares reports and analyses – all fine-tuned to each client's unique requirements.

The system accesses data through standard interfaces to all required applications and databases, such as costs, turnover, service-level agreements and resources. It then consolidates the data to provide analyses from different perspectives.

Ground handlers gain a complete picture of their costs and process structure to make strategic decisions. Using complex what-if simulations, Lufthansa Consulting's clients can also simulate future developments, react to market changes more effectively and respond to their own clients' needs more quickly.

New efficiencies

With Lufthansa Consulting's industry solution, ground handlers can:

  • Reduce costs without compromising service quality.
  • Improve the profitability of processes and individual services.
  • Simulate costs and turnover due to changes in processes, services and client parameters.
  • See the impact of changes to annual results.
  • Gain rapid insight into the effects of new market conditions.
  • Make operating and strategic decisions based on facts.
  • Analyze and simulate pricing models.


Develop a comprehensive solution that helps ground handlers optimize their operations at airports.


SAS® Cost and Profitability Management


Clients increase profitability and extend competitive advantage, thanks to more informed decisions about operations and expenses.

Los resultados que se ilustran en este artículo son específicos a las situaciones, modelos de negocios, datos aportados y entornos de cómputo en particular que se describen aquí. Cada experiencia del cliente de SAS es única basada en variables de negocios y técnicas y todas las declaraciones se deben considerar no típicas. Los ahorros, resultados y características de desempeño reales variarán dependiendo de las configuraciones y condiciones de los clientes individuales. SAS no garantiza ni augura que todos los clientes lograrán resultados similares. Las únicas garantías aplicables a los productos y servicios de SAS son aquellas que se estipulan en las declaraciones de garantía explícitas en el contrato por escrito relativo a dichos productos y servicios. No se debe considerar que nada de lo aquí mencionado constituye una garantía adicional. Los clientes han compartido sus éxitos con SAS como parte de un intercambio contractual convenido o resumen de éxito de proyectos tras una implementación exitosa de software de SAS. Los nombres de marcas y productos son marcas comerciales de sus respectivas compañías.

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