Detect suspicious activities, sanctioned entities and risky beneficial owners in real time by processing thousands of transactions and messages per second.

A sophisticated, end-to-end solution for real-time screening of customers and transactions against a variety of watchlists, sanctions and PEP lists. And integrated alert and case management for resolving matches quickly and efficiently.

Comprehensive list support

Helps you comply with regulatory requirements by screening transactions and customers in real time, batch and on demand against watchlists issued by various authorities.

Sophisticated analytics

Leverages fuzzy logic detection algorithms coupled with organization-specific filtering rules, multilingual screening capability and alert consolidation to generate high-quality hits with low false positives.  

Alert & case management

Increases operational efficiency and enables speedy resolution of matches with robotic process automation, alert hibernation and automated alert prioritization. Integrated alert and case management with self-service capabilities offer network-based analytical techniques to present a single, entity-centric view.

Innovative, nimble platform

Helps you stay ahead of evolving financial crime threats and comply with changing regulations via the powerful, open SAS Platform, which provides faster processing of huge data sets and accelerates even the most complex analytics life cycle, from data preparation to discovery to deployment.

Make real-time, intelligent decisions while avoiding reputational risks, minimizing false positives, maximizing operational efficiency and controlling compliance costs.

Ensure agility and enable faster analysis of all data sources.

Process thousands of transactions per second using powerful streaming analytics to rapidly spot red flags hidden in torrents of fast-moving data. SAS Real-Time Screening leverages SAS Event Stream Processing for high-volume throughput, low-latency response times. Advanced analytics with embedded AI and machine learning capabilities enable faster analysis of structured and unstruc­tured data sources. 

Improve operational efficiency.

A user-friendly, configurable visual investiga­tion interface offers self-service capabilities, robotic process automation, integrated case management work­flows, alert hibernation, automated alert prioritization and embedded WorldCheck and Dow Jones links in alerts. An interactive drag-and-drop page builder, workflow builder, and configurable settings and views make it easy to customize the solution for unique business or user requirements. Automated data collection brings relevant images, prior cases, third-party data, maps, transaction history and more to analysts, resulting in a 20% to 30% time reduction in entity reviews.

Gain a holistic view of risk. 

An easy-to-use network viewer backed by powerful analytics allows analysts to visualize and interactively explore an entity’s entire social network for faster decisioning. Analysts can get a holistic view of risk with a single, combined alert in one user inter­face, rather than individual alerts for each triggered activity.

Easily perform advanced search and discovery.

Analysts can take advantage of advanced search capabilities, quickly conducting free-text, field-based or geospatial searches, exploration and visualization across all data. They can also refine searches with interactive filters and facets.


This solution runs on SAS® Viya®, which has the breadth and depth to conquer any analytics challenge, from experimental to mission critical. SAS Viya extends the SAS Platform to enable everyone – data scientists, business analysts, developers and executives alike – to collaborate and realize innovative results faster, with flexible licensing and pricing options to accommodate your current and future needs.

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