SAS® for Procurement Integrity

Continuously monitor procurement data and systems to reduce losses and optimize procurement processes.

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Uncover procurement risks earlier than ever. Prevent financial losses. Protect your reputation. SAS for Procurement Integrity continuously monitors procurement data and systems to spot early-warning signs that could indicate procurement fraud, and improves your investigative processes with advanced tools for forensic analysis. 

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Continuously monitor staff and supplier activity to spot early-warning signs. 

More effective monitoring starts with better data management. Our solution combines structured and unstructured data from virtually any source, across databases, systems, agencies and even third parties. Sophisticated data quality techniques – including data matching, deduplication, entity resolution, etc. – are applied automatically to create a single, holistic view of a person or entity. Continuous monitoring of all activities lets you quickly identify high-risk events that warrant further investigation – before money goes out the door. 

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Quickly distinguish high-risk procurement activities from low-risk ones.

The solution includes a procurement analytics data model, procurement-specific scenarios and a large set of predefined rules based on decades of procurement forensics experience. Our unique hybrid detection approach uses a powerful risk scoring engine that automatically applies a combination of business rules, anomaly detection, predictive modeling and associative link analysis at entity and network levels, uncovering more suspicious activities with greater accuracy. Risk- and value-based scoring models automatically prioritize alerts before they are routed for further review. This greatly reduces false positives and enables analysts to focus on high-risk items.

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Improve analyst and investigator productivity.

Investigative workspaces facilitate collaboration while improving productivity and efficiency. With access to advanced tools for forensic analysis – including interactive visualization and search components – via an easy-to-use interface, your analysts can explore, visualize and manipulate data pertinent to investigations and take static clips of visualizations to augment maps, timelines, networks and other content.

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Make faster decisions with automated analysis and reporting.

The solution automates much of the data management, alert generation and workflow, which streamlines operations and enables analysts to make decisions quickly. Users can review all relevant data, perform advanced searches and apply temporal or geospatial methodologies on a single platform. Automated reporting provides information to key decision makers in the form of dashboards, portals, web analytics, mobile reporting, briefings, alerts and more.

Key Features

  • Data management. Accesses, combines, cleanses and compares all relevant structured and unstructured data from disparate internal and external data sources, including third parties.
  • Business rule development. Lets you import existing business rules and add to or modify them as new schemes are uncovered using a closed-loop learning system.
  • Powerful advanced analytics. Includes a procurement analytics data model, procurement-specific scenarios, and a large set of predefined business rules developed using decades of experience and expertise.
  • Detection and alert generation. Scores transactions in real time with an online scoring engine that uses a hybrid analytics approach – including business rules, anomaly detection, predictive modeling and associative link analysis – to spot suspicious activity.
  • Alert management. Combines alerts from multiple monitoring systems, associates them with common data, and provides a more complete view of procurement risk. 
  • Social network analysis. Goes beyond individual invoices, payments and purchase orders to analyze all related activities and relationships at a network dimension. Provides an intuitive interface that lets investigators identify linkages among seemingly unrelated events and entities.
  • Investigative workspaces.  Fosters collaboration, compliance and efficiency with an easy-to-use interface that provides interactive visualization and search components.

Proactively prevent procurement fraud with SAS® for Procurement Integrity.

Procurement fraud is the second-largest economic crime on the planet. But you don't have to accept procurement losses as a cost of doing business. Watch this video to learn how SAS for Procurement Integrity enables you to take a proactive approach to preventing procurement fraud from a single, easy-to-use platform. 

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