Creditreform streamlines information analysis with SAS®

SAS® Enterprise Content Categorization is flexible, customizable solution for text analysis of unstructured data

As Germany's top provider of business information and debt-collection services, Creditreform uses software from business analytics leader SAS to glean valuable data from unstructured content. Via its online database, Creditreform makes more than 24 million credit reports from 26 European countries and China available around the clock.

Using SAS® Enterprise Content Categorization, Creditreform unearthed critical information buried in ambiguous text content. More than 800 Creditreform analysts plan to use SAS to extract context-sensitive, interlinked information from large quantities of text, transforming it into usable information.

"SAS is easy to use and easily adapted to individual needs within Creditreform," said Rainer Fetscher, Head of Information Requirements Management at Creditreform. "Employees in over 130 locations can benefit from the speed of the new SAS solution."

This is Creditreform's second investment in SAS Business Analytics. For analyzing structured company data, the company began using SAS Visual Analytics in early 2013. SAS' high-performance solution helps Creditreform analysts quickly detect relationships within high data volumes and present results in easy-to-read graphics. SAS Visual Analytics simplifies the process, so every Creditreform employee can use the software without training.

For example, commercial registers which houses official business names, categories and information sometimes portray extremely complex situations – company relocations, mergers, de-mergers or multistage insolvency proceedings. Such unstructured information cannot be processed with conventional analytical methods. SAS Enterprise Content Categorization uses advanced text analysis to identify valuable, individual pieces of information from these complex situations, and then links them to existing data.

In the recent "Text Analytics: The Hurwitz Victory Index Report" by the US management consulting firm Hurwitz & Associates, SAS Text Analytics was awarded the highest rating for customer satisfaction.

Read about text analysis with SAS or try out the SAS Visual Analytics interactive demo.

About Creditreform

Founded as a credit agency in Mainz, Germany, in 1879, Creditreform has grown to now serve more than 163,000 members from 177 offices across Europe and China as one of the leading international providers of business information and receivables management services. Creditreform provides a comprehensive spectrum of integrated credit risk management solutions and services worldwide, provides members with more than 16 million commercial reports a year, and helps them recover billions in outstanding debts.

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