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The Evolution of Money Laundering

10 November  • 9am -10am (Ghana GMT)

About the webinar

Financial criminals are cunning at disguising the origins of their illegal profits and putting that money into the financial system, either for personal gain or to support criminal companies. Although most of the money laundered comes from drug trafficking and organized crime, the events of 9/11 also put the spotlight on top secret financing for terrorist activities, which has traditionally been even more difficult to detect. It is a daunting challenge. Consider the immense amount of data that financial institutions must analyze to satisfy regulatory requirements to detect and report suspicious activity.

The concept of artificial intelligence (AI) evokes visions of robots that learn too much, grant themselves too much power and beat their creators. The reality of AI is much less dramatic. In general terms, it is about allowing a machine to make a decision that a human could not have made. To understand this, and much more, please join us as we show how AI and Machine Learning are redefining money laundering.

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About the Expert

Christopher Ghenne

Global AML Lead, SAS Institute

Christopher has over 15 years’ experience in combating anti money laundering and joined SAS in 2014 as a compliance product specialist. Today, he leads globally the team of AML subjects matter experts split all around the world and is responsible for all SAS compliance solutions. He is based in our office in Brussels, Belgium.

As part of the Global Security and Intelligence division, he is the team leader in the team responsible for training and supporting SAS pre-sales teams worldwide. Chris also participates to the strategic and commercial development of SAS in emerging markets and promotes SAS capabilities in terms of financial crime detection.

Christopher's favorite field is the fight against money laundering and the fight against terrorism financing. Prior to joining SAS, he spent 10 years with other AML solution vendor where he was involved in various roles such as trainer, sanctions analyst, profiling expert or business developer. Chris has also participated in more than 150 implementation projects over the five continents.

Christopher holds a master's degree in Economics from the University of Brussels (ULB) and since 2009 has been accredited as a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS)