SAS® for Containers

Bringing speed, agility and scale to cloud deployments.

Why choose SAS® for Containers?

Support your data scientists' need for powerful analytics while taking advantage of cost-efficient cloud infrastructures. Container deployments of SAS execution engines support Docker and Kubernetes, enabling you to provide your data science teams with a flexible and efficient way to execute SAS workloads.

Faster, Easier Deployment

Easily deploy SAS Platform execution engines into containers, and run them in any platform that supports the use of Docker. Build a single image, and deploy as needed in the cloud of your choice – build once, deploy many. 

Unified Analytic User Community

Running SAS in a container enables data scientists to call any of the advanced analytic algorithms in the SAS Platform from Python, R, Lua or SAS. This makes the power of SAS Analytics accessible to your organization's entire data science community.

Efficient Use of Cloud Computing Resources

Container deployments are lightweight and don't carry as much overhead as traditional virtual machines. By running a SAS engine inside a container, you can provision resources more efficiently to address a wide variety of SAS workloads.

Support for Custom Configurations

Choose a fixed container with specific SAS products for immediate deployment. Or select a base recipe, and create custom containers with specific products or configurations – e.g, access to data sources, in-database code and scoring accelerators, or specific analytic capabilities.

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