Elevate your security outcomes and resources with security analytics.

A unifying security analytics foundation for greater network visibility.

Modular security analytics software

Offers end-to-end detection and investigation capabilities or customizable solutions for individual security analytics challenges – data management, data lake integration, data visualization, model management, etc.  

Advanced analytics & embedded machine learning

Analyzes network activity by continuously calculating more than 70 device behavior analytics. Uses modern statistical analysis, embedded AI and machine learning to enhance human efforts.

Multidimensional detection & composite device risk scoring

Contextualizes and analyzes network traffic data with web proxy, DNS, DHCP, endpoint and authentication data across multiple measures. Correlates results with internal and external threat intelligence.

Network device inventory

Detects and displays critical information about connected devices. Visually tracks those currently online, including previously unseen devices and those with incomplete profiles.

Identify current weaknesses in your defenses. Prioritize remediation. See security risk prior to compromise. 

Illuminate your network.

Gain a consolidated, continuous view of your network security risk. Our approach inventories all your network devices so you always know what's connected and where hotspots are. A powerful analytics engine uses embedded AI and machine learning techniques – combined with signatures, user-created analytics, peer group analysis and composite risk scoring – to reduce MTTD. And by analyzing and validating data across multiple dimensions, you can quickly uncover cyber hygiene gaps across your network.

Reduce analytics and technology complexity.

Stop manually assembling the security data puzzle. Connect data from existing security tools to improve ROI. Capture all your network flow data in real time, and enrich it with user/identity, endpoint, threat and other data (in real time or batch), providing deep context for the analytics engine. Alert prioritization is focused, allowing you to allocate resources effectively and advance security automation.

Expand your security analytics capabilities. 

Stay on top of changing cyber threats within your environment by developing custom detection models. Govern open source users in a common AI framework.

End data issues.

Free security operations from data preparation. Our data management capabilities go beyond simple extract, transform and load (ETL). Easy-to-deploy workflows target and improve security data quality – and that ultimately translates to increased security operations efficiency and reduced MTTR.

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