African businesses are serious about advanced data analytics

African businesses are realising that advanced data analytics is no longer a nice to have but is crucial in helping them to increase productivity and competitiveness in the market.

In countries like Nigeria and Kenya, executives have seen what analytics can do in global markets are eager to see that same success replicated in their own businesses. They want their analytics to do more and are increasingly engaging with vendors to understand how they can move towards this quest for better data management and a better understanding of their customers.

While some verticals on the continent are advanced in their use of analytics, like financial services, others are still figuring out how to make sense of their data and how to sort the chaff from the wheat, especially when it comes to unstructured data like social media.

At a government level, for example, analytics can help address challenges around education, public safety, social and health services.

While there are certainly obstacles standing in the way of African businesses fully adopting analytics, for example a the lack of analytical skills, SAS is partnering vendors that not only develop solutions tailored to the African market’s unique requirements but that also understand the challenges around skills.

SAS is committed to help African businesses understand that analytics can transform their industries and help them to uncover new markets. The appetite for change and growth is insatiable and it’s only a matter of time before African show the world how it should be done.

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